Do you remember when you first saw your car? Do you remember the cleanliness? The bright color? The
luster? Fulmer’s can restore that new car luster. That is what we do.

A job done right utilizes quality products, factory finished materials and factory trained installers who
provide attention to detail. It insures that a lay person cannot tell the car was damaged in the first
place. A job of poor workmanship leaves one or more of these aspects out. People do themselves a
terrible disservice by choosing the lowest bid. Usually the lowest bidder does not take into consideration
all the aspects of the job and subsequently might cheat the customer on product or service.

Bottom barrel bidders usually have no license, carry no insurance, use subcontractors, use inferior
products or provide inferior workmanship. You get what you pay for. The lowest bidder might not be
around to honor the warranty. The value of your car will be impacted if a repair is not done right.

Fulmer’s guarantees our work. When we finish a job, we document our work and present the finished
result to you. Only after you are satisfied do we consider the work done.

After your car is repaired, the area that was damaged should be in like-new condition. Structurally, it is
as strong as it was when it left the factory, or stronger and cosmetically, it looks as good as it did when
it left the factory, or better.

Hire Fulmer’s Auto Body and Paint to do the job right.
We Do It Right